Q-1: Requirements for Initial Submission for poster/ model making

(By 30th Jan, 2019)?



  1. Cover Letter to Dean School of Architecture and Planning, UMT duly signed by Group Mentor (University Lecturer or above) including details of the group members in attached checklist form.
  2. Title of the poster and abstract (upto maximum 25o words)
  3. The poster title must be within the themes of the symposium including following:

1. Affordable housing and infrastructure

 Housing the poor

 Resource efficient housing

 Low cost house construction materials

 Sustainable housing


2. Housing finance

 Housing microfinance

 Housing markets

 Rental housing

 Public-private partnership


3. Social & public housing

 Rural housing

 Urban housing

 Incremental housing

 Group housing

 Community based housing


4. Housing development and management

 Housing policies

 Housing systems, programs· & frameworks

 Estate management


5. Housing issues

 Housing shortage & amp; backlog

 Housing colonization

 Disaster reduction and mitigation



 Slums & squatter settlements


Q-2: When will we be notified of the acceptance?



The Shortlisted submissions will be notified about acceptance by 5th Feb 2019 and will be furnished with the details of the final poster/ model making.


Q-3: Requirements for final Submission for poster/ model making

(On 25th March 2019)



Requirements for Final Poster Display are (On 25th March 2019)

  • Shortlisted groups will bring prepared and mounted poster along with them on competition date.
  • Groups will be required to display the poster on the competition date
  • Poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend in a couple of minutes;
  • Poster should be designed in portrait with size of 36inch Width and 48inch height
  • Poster should ensure that specific sections (such as the background, methods, results and conclusions) are easy to locate on the poster
  • Design the individual sections of the poster should be quickly readable; avoid large blocks of text and long sentences;
  • Make sure that the type/font size is large enough to be read at a distance of 1.5 meters (five feet). The smallest type should at least be 20 pts for text and 36 pts for headings. Try to keep your word count as low as possible
  • All font type in the poster should be same
  • Poster should make sure there is enough contrast between the color of the type and the poster's background

Requirements for Final Model Display are (On 25th March 2019)

  • Shortlisted groups will bring prepared and mounted model along with them on competition date that will held in UMT greens.
  • Top three model submissions will be presented further on the final event 28th March, 2019.
  • Groups will be required to display the model on the competition date.
  • The model scale is free, depends on the candidates will as it should have clear details of the design and is easy to carry/ display.
  • Models should have a card board or write up with clear message regarding their materials finish details.

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