1st International Conference on Architecture and Planning (ICAP)

1st International Conference on Architecture and Planning has generated great interest among national and international participants, researchers and institutional stakeholders. We cherish your support and enthusiasm for ICAP. However, This year School of Architecture and Planning has been assigned to organize 3rd IBCE (International Business Conference and Exhibition) with technical academic session on construction, Architecture and Planning, in October 2018 it would require full dedication and focus to organize such a huge Conference, SAP may not be able to give same focus in organizing ICAP  to be held in November 2018, to accruals of success.

In view of the above mentioned scenario, 1st International Conference on Architecture and Planning (ICAP) has been postponed to next year.  We understand the inconvenience caused due to this rescheduling. However, we are confident to have your support in promoting ICAP focused research in architecture and planning. 

For further details in this regards, please do not hesitate in writing to us.


1st International Conference on Architecture and Planning aims to bring together leading professional, scientists and Industrialists to exchange and share their experiences and research on all aspects of Architecture and Planning. It will also provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and burning concerns and practical challenges encountered with the possible solutions need to be adopted.

Our planet is increasingly facing issues, like rapid urbanization of megacities, limited infrastructure and scarcity of spaces which are acting as a catalyst towards major global warming. The Conference highlights cutting edge research topics in the area of Architecture and planning, all geared towards improvement of the Built environment. The ICAP intends to deal with the design typologies, procedures and design practices prevalent in the region, in the comparison to the global set-up and new trends. To further, add to that, the ICAP throws adequate light on collaborative solutions brought forth by academicians, research scholars, designers, real estate developers, builders, facility managers, local governments and internationally affiliated Think Tanks in operation based on Trip Helix framework, in research format, all at one place. In short, we at ICAP welcome people from all walks of life, to play their parts, towards a better future and a healthy environment.


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