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1st Year

Fall Semester(First Semester) Spring Semester(Secound Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.
AR-113 Basic Design-I 0+6 AR-123 Basic Design-II 0+6
AR-116 Visual Communication-I 0+3 AR-126 Visual Communication-II 0+3
AR-112 Materials and Construction-I 2+0 AR-125 History of Architecture and Civilization-I 3+0
EN-110 English-I 2+0 AR-127 Materials and Construction-II 2+0
HM-150 Islamic Studies 2+0 EN-112 English-II 2+0
AR-115 Surveying and Leveling 1+2 SS-171 Pakistan Studies 2+0
Total 18 Total 18

2nd Year

Fall Semester(Third Semester) Spring Semester(Fourth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.
AR-211 Architecture Design Studio-I 0+6 AR-221 Architecture Design Studio-II 0+6
AR-236 Visual Communication-III 0+3
AR-245 History of Architecture and Civilization-II 3+0 AR-245 History of Architecture and Civilization-III 3+0
AR-233 Environmental Control Systems-I 2+0 AR-224 Materials , Construction & Services 2+1
AR-216 Computer Applications in Architecture-I 0+2 AR-244 Structures for Architects-II 2+0
AR-234 Structures for Architects-I 2+0 EN-201 Communication Skills 2+0
SD-100 English immersion -I Zero SD-101 21st Century Skills Zero
Total 18 Total 16

3rd Year

Fall Semester(Fifth Semester) Spring Semester(Sixth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.
AR-311 Architecture Design Studio-III 0+7 AR-321 Architecture Design Studio -IV 0+8
AR-314 Materials and Construction-III 0+2 AR-326 Computer Applications in Architecture-III 0+3
AR-315 Environmental Control Systems-II 2+0 AR-324 Architectural Psychology 2+0
AR-316 Computer Applications in Architecture-II 0+2 AR-329 Interior Design 0+3
AR-354 Structure for Architects-III 2+0 AE-323 Theory of Architecture 2+0
AR-355 History of Architecture and Civilization-IV 3+0
Total 18 Total 18

4th Year

Fall Semester(Seventh Semester) Spring Semester(Eight Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.
AR-411 Architecture Design Studio-V 0+8 AR-421 Architecture Design Studio-VI 0+8
AR-475 Research Methodology 2+0 AR-423 Architectural Conservation 3+0
AR-428 Urban Design and Planning 0+3 HM-213 Report Writing and Presentation Skills 2+0
AR-415 Environmental Control Systems-III 2+0 AR-485 Anthropology 3+0
Ar-419 Landscape Architecture 0+2 AR-401 Elective-I 2+0
Total 17 Total 18

5th Year

Fall Semester(Ninth Semester) Spring Semester(Tenth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.CodeCourse TitleCH (Th+Pr)Pre-req.
AR-511 Architecture Design Studio-VII 0+6 AR-523 Thesis Design-II 0+12
AR-513  Thesis Design-I 0+8 AR-524 Professional Practice 3+0
AR-514 Construction Management and Project Scheduling 3+0 AR-501 Elective-II 2+1
Total 17 Total 18
CH= Credit Hour  Th= Theory           Pr= Practical

Total Credit Hours: 176

List of Elective Courses

AR-401: Elective-I

  1. Architecture with Seismic Zones
  2. Green and Sustainable Architecture
  3. Energy Management Techniques
  4. Building Economics
  5. Computer Animation
  6. Site Development and Housing Schemes
  7. City and Regional Planning
  8. Structural Dynamics and Stability
  9. Infrastructure Planning
  10. Contemporary Architecture

AR-501: Elective-II

  1.  Heritage Conservation
  2. Historical Geography
  3. Urban Design and Planning-II
  4. City and Regional Planning
  5. Environmental Impact Analysis
  6. Cultural Anthropology
  7. Understanding Current world
  8. Model Making for Architect
  9. Islamic Architecture
  10. Modernism and Mass Culture

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