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MS Housing and Community Development

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The MS Program in Housing and Community Develoment (MS HCD) Degree prepares young professionals, dealing with one or multiple tasks of planning, governing, intervening, and researching housing, in Pakistan as well as other countries in the region. The learners will be trained to engage with scales from local project to city and region to global, through hands-on exercises, intense theory and individual capstone project.  The two-year degree program equips students with skills necessary for being professionals and exposes them to the technical, social, political, financial and ethical dimensions of housing industry in the challenging context of contemporary and fast urbanizing Pakistan. The program offers the possibility of specializing in and obtaining a Major in Housing & Community Development. This stream offers the opportunity to explore innovative policy approaches to housing and community development while learning the traditional tools of housing policy and planning. Current housing issues are assessed against a historical background of goals and effectiveness in improving housing outcomes, as well as the secondary impacts of housing policies and their connections to local community and economic development. The analysis casts a critical eye at understanding opportunities for building coalitions among low-income tenants, community-based organizations, and development professionals, as well as links to organizing among labor, women, and social service providers. Many courses draw on international examples as well as domestic.


This program consists of qualification - the MS in Housing and Community Development. It is designed to meet the needs of people working, or looking to work, in the housing sector or in a closely related field. The program aims to provide students with an insight into the development of housing systems, policies and practices, and to provide a framework for discussing the development, financing and management of housing. The MS HCD also aims to provide students with a range of skills and knowledge needed by housing professionals. The new program, which began in Fall 2016, further enhances the development and application of critical analysis skills and also includes the examination of international systems and urban problems.
MS Housing and Community Development is based on four themes as follows: 

  • Socio-economic aspects of housing & planning
  • Design & construction techniques
  • Legal and financial governance
  • Development & Management housing policies

In addition to the world-class curriculum, housing research works are open to the students with contribution of collaborating bodies of housing industry.  Students are encouraged to participate and publish their research in Seminars and conferences nationally and internationally. Field experience is gained through guest speakers and study tours of all types of residential developments.

Program Aims

  • To educate professionals for both public and private sector of housing in Pakistan and the Region
  • To provide graduates with comprehensive insight of social, political, economic, legal and physical traditions within administering framework of housing issues and
  • To enhance managerial skills of graduates with high level analytical approach for personal enhancement of the graduate as well as advanced progress of housing industry as a profession.

Student Exchange Program with USM

School of Housing, Building & Planning (HBP) at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has been offering MSc Housing for a long time. The degree has recognition with UN-HABITAT Universities for its excellent road map and teaching methods.  USM provides an extreme healthy and learning environment for its students and HBP is one of the best schools of USM. The Level of academic standing of students will get its foundations firm during their stay at HBP. Malaysia being part of Asian Region is handling housing matters maturely. Such exchange program will act as connecting bridge between community of both universities broadening their circle of knowledge, experiences and lifelong learning in all dimensions of housing industry in different urban contexts. Altogether, it will excel the professional and academic profile of students.

Courses requirements for MS Housing and Community Development

  • Every student will study at least nine subjects of three semester credit hour each and a Thesis of six semester credit hours.
  • A total of 33 credit hours are required to be successfully completed for award of MS HCD Degree.
  • Thesis is to be evaluated/ approved by the external and internal examiner.

Note: Special consideration will be given to the candidates seeking admission in MS Housing and Community Development with core interest for housing studies and their professional and academic relevance to the masters program.

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