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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

In the future, the cities will be much smarter that they are today. The will use information and communications technologies to enrich and enhance city life.


Cities are in a constant state of flux. From population growth to demolition of the old and creations of new infrastructure, a city is continually evolving. Global challenges, such as natural resource management and climate change, often manifest themselves directly in urban environments, where fluctuating populations and extreme weather conditions are increasingly the norm. Many cities were built on infrastructure that was designed for a population far smaller and far less active than they have today. The results are diverse problems throughout a city.

Cities play vital role towards a sustainable future of mankind, and will continue to play an important role for the future of our natural and built environment. Smart Cities represent the global vanguard communities addressing the growing resiliency pressures and opportunities presented by climate, population, energy and resources.

Making cities more efficient, balanced and healthy can accommodate the expanding human population, in ways that can protect ecological fabric, which our society relies upon. Finding sustainable solutions require that we integrate the learning outcomes from all areas of science, technology and design.


At smart city research forum, we bring together leaders from varied realms, to enhance the process by which new smart cities can emerge, and the existing cities transform into sustainable ones. Amongst the participating members are investors, utility and technology companies, consultants, city planners/designers, Architects, providers of safety/security companies, government institutes, Universities and training institutes, both local and international level.


The focus of the forum is to highlight the hindrances and finding ways can pave the way for smart cities development. The goals will be achieved by arranging discussions, workshops, seminars, and collaborative research projects (at local and international levels). The following points are the key areas of concern, overcoming the obstacles which prevent smart cities from emerging and succeeding:

  • Transportation/Mobility at Urban level.
  • Water.
  • Energy.
  • Built Environment.
  • GIS Database development
  • Housing
  • Governance.
  • Cyber security and privacy for smart cities.
  • ICT, Big Data and Internet of things.
  • Artificial Intelligence.


Inauguration ceremony 28th Feb

“National poster making & model making Competition regarding Technologies for smart and sustainable Cities” We invited different universities all over Pakistan and their school to participate in the “National poster making and model making Competition regarding Technologies for smart and sustainable Cities”. This contest, which was held on February 28th, was an excellent opportunity for students to apply their lessons from the classroom to a real world situation in the housing sector.

Lecture by Dr. Onur Demir PhD. International Project Management (with specialisation in Energy Management/Liberalisation) MCCT., MEMA., MCFOT., MCTF.(EWG)

The lecture took place on Wednesday at 11.30 am 29th March 2017 As a researcher her area of expertise is energy markets and the Turkish natural gas market in particular. She looked at all branches of the country's gas industry and its compliance with the European Union energy market regulatory framework. Beside that, she is a director of OED Marketing Services which provides British/Turkish energy companies market research and consultancy services.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between University of Management and Technology Lahore, and INTERFORM Private Limited

This Memorandum of Understanding (herein after called “MOU”) is made at University of Management and Technology, UMT on April 21st, 2017 between Smart City Research Forum, University of Management and Technology referred as “SCRF-UMT”, and INTERFORM. SCRF-UMT is an academic & research institution with very innovative approach to serve the cause of research and development for developing smart cities particularly, and for improvement of building and construction technologies at large for greater social and economic impact. Whereas, The “INTERFORM” is a private organization, committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost, energy, water, building engineering management systems, Smart Homes, Tensile Structures and natural resource efficient green buildings and communities.

2nd Innovation Summit 25th-26th April

SAP students represented Smart Cities forum, UMT in the second invention to innovation summit 2017 on 25th and 26th April 2017 and represent their state of the art designs and projects.

It provides a platform for academia, industry, public and private organization to:

  • Promote their products to large number of people
  • Show case innovative products and solutions
  • Network with potential clients and partners
  • Exchange ideas, expertise and common areas of interest
  • Academia gets commercialization support for viable technologies
  • Industry gets solutions for viable tech needs

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