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Monday, December 14, 2020

An open international ideas contest was launched for a new memorial and artwork commemorating the enormous 4th of August explosion in the Port of Beirut. Students of Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (BLA) under the supervision and guidance of Ar Saad Mujahid, Assistant Professor, Masters in Landscape Architecture from Germany participated in the competition. Two teams from BLA registered for the souls of Beirut idea.

Team A included Hasham Tahir, Saleha Khan and Muhammad Numan Azam, who proposed the idea based on “TRIQUETRA”. Triquetra is said to be a symbol of faith, hope, unity and eternity. The triquetra represents a new life and a new journey. The triquetra is three interconnected ovals that represents past, present and future. Whereas, Team B included Faizan e Wali, Khola Bashir and Najeeb Sultan. They proposed the idea of strength within for the competition.

Team A                                                                                                                                                     Team B


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