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BS in Building Design and Construction

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We envision to produce erudite, knowledgeable and skillful professionals who can steer and upgrade the construction industry.


We aim to equip participants with in-depth knowledge, advance skills and latest technologies to enter in construction profession and grow into novel technical problem solver and industry leader. The notion of the program is to offer curriculum which emphasize on issues of society, new trends in the current world, committed to innovation, possess the ability to critically analyze and anticipate the direction of the future development. Students of this program will be prepared through their educational experience to adapt to changes in society, technology and the profession by focusing on research-oriented learning which integrates practice with theory.

Academic Standards

The current world is not isolated. Thorough the advent of digital technologies, the present day segments of the world are inter-connected, particularly in the field of technological development. Moreover, as anticipated, due to post-Covid overhauling of the Universities, the degree program requires to be more “Skill Intensive”. Keeping this in view, the programs of “Building Design and Construction” is designed to meet the highest academic standards, which will prepare the students to meet the imminent challenges. The courses are designed in a manner that they cover the depths and breadths of the required knowledge area which in result will impart confidence and maturity in young graduates.

Library Resources

The Library of UMT is well equipped and has diverse collection of books related to the areas of Construction, Management, Materials, Architecture and other related disciplines. The department is fully aware of the need of this degree programs and therefore will continue to add books as per new trends and requirement of the students and instructors.

Support Resources

The major requirement of the undergraduate degree programs is the availability of suitable faculty with higher qualification, advanced knowledge and experience. School of Architecture and Planning is proud to have the best faculty in the country having the highest number of PhDs and foreign qualified teachers.

In addition, it requires support from the professional firms and their continuous feed-back. Being located in Lahore, the second largest city and the cultural heart of the country, a number of leading consultant firms and contractors are easily accessible. Therefore, extension lectures, workshops and seminars could be adroitly organized.


The infrastructure, laboratories and other related facilities are available at the UMT.

Curriculum Design

The curriculum is designed to focus on comprehensive knowledge of design and construction culminating in the form of Bachelors Program in Building Design and Construction. This includes special emphasis on;

  • Building Design
  • Building Economics
  • Building Materials
  • Digital Environments
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Construction Managements
  • Construction Equipment and Systems

These knowledge areas would help in imparting more confidence and maturity to the graduates and would prepare them to play a leading role in national and international projects of design and construction.

Need and Demand/ Career Prospects

Upon graduation, the potential graduate would be able to work independently and in collaboration with Architecture, Structure and EPC contractors. This degree will also open up access to jobs in banks, multinational and national companies where an in house building design and construction specialist is highly required.


The proposed courses for the Building Design and Construction program are diverse and cover a broader range of knowledge areas from conventional practices to the state of the art technologies.

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