Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Thermal Comfort Based Performance Evaluation and Modification of Spatial Air Movement by CFD in the case of Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff UK

Usman Awan, Mamuna Iqbal

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Spatial Prospects of Commercialization of Samanabad, Lahore

Umair Zia Malik, Syed Ali Pasha, Syed Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi

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A Comparative Analysis of Energy Provisions of Pakistan Building Code with Indian and USA Building Energy Codes

Zahid Usman, Khalid Ibrahim

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Visualizing Lahore: The Evolving Trends in the Architectural Culture and Identity of Lahore from Walled City to Date

Emmara Arshad1

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Green Buildings as solution for Sustainable Housing: Role of Private Housing Schemes, Lahore, Pakistan

Ammad Baig

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Volume 1, Issue 2

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Analyzing the Issue of On-street Parking in Commercial Areas: A Case Study of the City of Hyderabad, Pakistan

F.Baig, N.Sahito & A.Bano 

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A Study of Disintegration of Lahore from a City of Gardens to a City of Congestion

A.M.Malik, M.Y.Awan, M. Rashid

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Spatial Adversities of the Commercialization of Main Roads: A Case Study of Main Road, Samanabad, Lahore

U.Z.Malik, Dr. S. Gulzar, M.Awan

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Philosophy of Interior Design in Mughal Era Mosques of Lahore: A Case Study of Maryam Zamani and Wazir Khan Mosques

Arsala Hashmi

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Thermal Analysis of an Educational Building with Different Construction Materials

K. Rasheed,S.Jamil, M.Ramzan, M.Zulqarnain


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